Our history

  • RADA

    RADA– “Recambios y rodamientos para el automóvil” was born in Lleida after the civil war in Spain by Baldomero Rubí.

  • Casa Orbea

    Santiago Mostajo is part of the “Casa Orbea” team with Cañardo, Trueba, Montero and Cardona. He is champion of Aragon of speed and bottom in track.

  • Champion of Spain of Cyclo-Cross in San Sebastián

    Santiago Mostajo Trigo is proclaimed Champion of Spain of Cyclo-Cross in San Sebastián.

  • Technical director

    Santiago Mostajo Trigo leaves the competition and becomes Technical Director and coach of then young cyclists such as Botella, Bahamontes, Bobet, Gimenez Quiles, Granada, Moreno, Albacete, Bidoreta, Navarro, Galdeano, Hnos Rodriguez, Gallego, Logroño, Langarica, Hnos Barrutia, La Hoz and Corrales

  • Sociedad Deportiva Cultural Michelin

    Santiago Mostajo Technica Director of the Sociedad Deportiva Cultural Michelin.

  • Santiaguin Mostajo

    Santiaguin Mostajo Spanish Champion

  • Bearings Rubí Hermanos

    Born “Rodamientos Rubí Hermanos” in Balmes street and shop of “Lambretta Mostajo” in Paseo San Juan / Diagonal, both in Barcelona.

    Santiaguín Mostajo se proclama Campeón de España de fondo en pista.

  • Mostajo Team

    Under the direction of Grandfather Santiago, the “Team Mostajo” was formed by, Bottle, Corrales, Bover, Mostajo (Son) and Bahamontes

  • Closure of the Arenas Velodrome

    After the closure of the Arenas Velodrome, Santiago Mostajo buys the wooden track to mount his own on the old Velodrome of Gracia that had hosted the Campo del Europa

    The track ends up deteriorating due to inclement weather and Santiago builds a new rammed dirt track where great events and inter-race competitions will be held and large enough to accommodate a football field in its “pelousse”.

  • Born “Rodamientos Abad”

    Born “Rodamientos Abad”, dealer of brands such as SKF and SNFA by the hand of Ernesto Abad, then boyfriend of Mercedes Mostajo and his brother Francisco.

  • Asphalting of the Mostajo Velodrome

    Asphalting the track is carried out the Mostajo Velodrome.

  • Mostajo ruuner-up of the Worlds of veterans

    Mostajo becomes a runner-up champion of veterans riding in a higher category than his own by mistake of the organization.

  • First workshops for the manufacture of bearings

    The success of the first workshops for the manufacture of bearings leads to the opening of a new factory in the Puigcerdá street, nº 25 in Barcelona.

  • ISB SPAIN is born

    ISB SPAIN is born under the corporate name of Euro Bearings Spain, S.L. and with the 4th and current generation of the Abad family.

  • ISB Sport Division

    The whole experience of the ISB industrial division is transferred to the ISB Sport division to create a range of bearings and components specially designed for sports applications on wheels.