Tessa Kortekaas wins the Brasil Ride

Tessa Kortekaas wins the Brasil Ride

Last Sunday, October 29, a new edition of the Brasil Ride ended with several podiums for our cyclists. The Brasil Ride is a 7-stage test through the Arraial d’Ajuda area and the campaneto in Guaratinga. A wooded area with significant slopes and significant heat at this time of year.

The Brasil Ride is characterized by the hardness of its long routes in each stage and by the incredible landscapes of the area. In total our bikers have traveled more than 500 kilometers with nearly 9,500 m of elevation gain and they have done it as we always do, fighting in each of the stages.

In the elite female category, our two runners Tessa Kortekass and Mónica Calderón have won all the stages, Mónica and Tessa have alternated the leadership of the race and also the different stages. They have always finished first and second in all stages.

After competing in the 7 stages, Tessa finally took the general classification just a few minutes behind Mónica Calderón, who was second.

In the elite men’s category, Roberto Bou also played a great role. Roberto finished in seventh position overall and finished on the podium in one of the stages of the Brasil Ride.

Representing the Cannondale ISB (ISB corporate team), Tito Abad, Jordi Martínez and Xavi Gimeno also participated in the test.

This edition of the Brasil Ride brought together great XCM specialists and also some international XCO athletes who are very knowledgeable about the terrain. A very high level to be the test that ends the season for most runners.

For our part, we are always accompanied by ASIC, which takes care of our runners and their Cannondale bicycles with mechanics and massage services.

As always, thanks to the organization of the Brasil Ride for the treatment received and for the spectacularity of the test that is surpassed year after year.

The season does not end here, Tessa Kortekaas will start in the next Titan Desert Arabia and Mónica Calderón will compete in the Colombian national champion